Your Life for His Purpose means God using you far beyond what you can even comprehend.

Nations College is designed to:

Grow your leadership

Strengthen your theology

Accelerate your discipleship



Nations College will equip you to live well and lead better, whether it is in your workplace, business or family. Receive training from some of Western Australia’s best lecturers, have guidance from key Nations Church leaders, serve in a range of ministries and learn from guest ministers. By enrolling in Nations College, you are stepping out in a posture of readiness and availability allowing God to move through you in exciting new ways. We can’t wait for you to come along and be a part of the journey.

Nations College in Perth hosts the Diploma of Ministry which is accredited and delivered by Alphacrucis College.

Download the prospectus for the Diploma or associate Degree below

FIRST YEAR – Diploma

SECOND YEAR – associate degree

Diploma of Ministry (First Year)

Accredited Stream Audit Stream
Mode of Study Courses are run in partnership with Alphacrucis College. FEE-Help (government assisted student loans with no upfront payment) available. At the end of this course you will graduate with a nationally recognised Higher Education Diploma of Ministry. Audit courses are not run in conjunction with Alphacrucis College and are therefore ineligible to receive FEE-Help. Fees must be paid upfront and the course is not accredited.
Cost Full Time:
$9,920 full year; $4,960 per semester

Part Time:
$1,240 per unit
Full Time:
$1,000 full year; $500 per semester

Part Time:
$200 per unit
Mission Trip to Cambodia This 10 day mission trip will provide you with the opportunity to apply all that you have learnt throughout the year.
Time Requirements
  • 1 day and 1 night per week*
  • Sunday serving
  • 8 units of study
  • 13 weeks per semester
*Ministry Intensive students will partake in extra midweek serving
  • 1 day and 1 night per week*
  • Sunday serving
  • 6 units of study
  • 13 weeks per semester
Pre-Requisites Applicants under the age of 21 must demonstrate the completion of a High School Certificate (or the completion of the interstate or overseas equivalent qualification and result) for admission into this course.

  • College merchandise
  • College Retreat

  • College merchandise
  • College Retreat

Accredited Diploma by

Associate Degree (Second Year)

Nations College, in partnership with Alphacrucis College, is excited to offer the Associate Degree in Ministry for those who have completed the Diploma of Ministry or equivalent.

What to expect:

  • Weekly mentoring sessions with Senior Pastors from Nations Church
  • Live and online lectures at Nations College
  • Regular involvement in Nations Church ministry areas and events
  • College Retreat
  • Nations College Mission Trip
  • Exclusive sessions with guest ministers

For more information please contact the Nations College office

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