Welcome to Heroes Academy

Heroes Academy was founded in 2018 by Nations Church. Heroes Academy seeks to support primary school aged children from the community with diagnosed additional needs and their families.

Heroes Academy supports these families in the following ways:

  • Heroes Academy events
  • Heroes Academy on Sundays

Heroes Academy on Sundays

Our team provides support for primary school aged children with additional needs and their families to go to Church if they so desire.  We believe that all families and children should have equal access to faith and the church community. All are welcome! 

Heroes Academy coming to
Scarborough & Port Kennedy soon


Heroes Academy operates alongside the Jump primary school program during the 4pm service.

This is suitable for school aged children in years 1-5.

The registration is a simple process outlined below:

  1. Click the register here button below.
  2. Complete the Heroes Academy online questionnaire letting us know about your child’s additional needs.
  3. If suitable print a copy of our ‘Welcome to Church’ social story to read to your child before attending the service.
  4. One of our team will contact you to chat further about how we can best support your child and the process of RSVP’ing your child’s attendance each week.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting Ebony on 0419933640 or via email heroes@nationschurch.com

Register a spot at Myaree

Belmont & Port Kennedy

At this stage we have one dedicated Heroes Academy volunteer who is on-call to help all children with additional needs at the 11am service time (only). We have a selection of fiddle toys, weighted lap mats and noise reducing headphones to assist your child during the service.

You do not need to register to access this service. However, if you would like to let us know you are coming please email heroes@nationschurch.com

Bunbury & Scarborough

At this stage we do not have Heroes Academy at these campuses, however we are planning to in the future. 

How can my family be a part of the Heroes Academy program?

If you have a child with diagnosed additional needs, we would love to hear from you . For us to care appropriately for your child’s specific needs, we require you to pre-register your child. Please contact Ebony on 0419933640 or via heroes@nationschurch.com

Please note that at this stage we only offer Heroes Academy 1:1 Support at the Myaree 4pm service time.

Why Heroes Academy?

There are more than 290,000 children living in Australia who have a disability. That means that many families cannot successfully take their children to church because there are not adequate programs to meet their child’s physical, social, and emotional needs. We understand that this profoundly impacts both the child and the whole family. Heroes Academy was founded as we began to realise that God wanted us as a Church to do something more for families who have a child with additional needs. We knew we needed to extend God’s love and acceptance to these families.

The Heroes Academy team is a dedicated and trained team of volunteers, who are passionate about all-abilities inclusion and have a heart for serving these families within our community. We believe that every child is unique, wonderful, and made in the image of God. We believe that with specific resourcing and individual support people of all-abilities can and should hold a meaningful space within our church.

Senior pastors Ken and Chrissy Lee are the founding leaders of Nations Church. They have two teenage sons, Jentezen, and Isaiah. Isaiah has a rare genetic syndrome called Mowat Wilson Syndrome. Due to his syndrome, Isaiah has extremely limited verbal expression, severely delayed motor skills and a mild-moderate intellectual disability.

As Isaiah’s parents, Ken and Chrissy have an intimate understanding of the unique challenges that come to families of children with additional needs. As church leaders with a vast array of resources at hand, Ken and Chrissy have a passion to help families in similar situations as their own.

Heroes Academy Events

Heroes Academy provides free activity days for community children living with additional needs. See what events are coming up soon!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Heroes Academy, our events or how we can accommodate your child feel free to contact Ebony below or by email at


 0419 933 640

8 Playle Street, Myaree WA 6154