Nations Kids is a fun and safe environment for your children to flourish.
Each program provides relevant games and activities, praise and worship and a Christ-centred message specific to their age group. It is a place where children can make friends, laugh and learn more about Jesus.

Our Perth campuses have four age-specific programs that run during each Sunday service:

Sprouts: Ages 1 to 3
Rockets: Kindy to Pre-Primary
Jump: Years 1 to 5
Refuel: Years 6 to 9


Heroes Academy

Heroes Academy provides support for families of children with additional needs as part of the Jump program. Heroes Academy also provides free activity days for community children living with additional needs. Click here for more info.

Please check your children into Nations Kids from half an hour before the start of the service.

Our hosts will gladly direct you to our check-in points if you require assistance.


Commitment to a Safe Church

Nations Church acknowledges God’s love for all people and our responsibility as a Christian community to extend our love in God’s name to all who come into contact with our church.

An important expression of that love is to provide a safe environment for all people who are involved in our church. Children are a gift of God and we have a particular responsibility to them, to provide a safe and nurturing environment within which they are protected from all forms of harm and are fully supported to grow in faith and discipleship.

As a member of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) family we are committed to the full implementation of the ACC Child Protection Policy and the ACC Safer Churches strategy within all of our church operations.

In particular we:

  • Exercise due diligence in the selection and ongoing supervision of staff and volunteers to undertake key roles in the church, particularly those involving responsibilities for children
  • Equip our people in leadership positions with the knowledge and skills to ensure a safe environment within church activities; to recognise the signs that harm may have occurred or has the potential to occur to someone involved in those activities; and to take the appropriate actions in relation to those concerns
  • Promote an atmosphere of love, openness and trust throughout all church activities so that all children, families and others feel valued, respected and able to raise issues of concern about matters directly affecting them or concerns they have about others
  • Provide avenues through which all people involved in the church may raise concerns or complaints knowing that they will be taken seriously and dealt with respectfully and confidentially
  • Continually monitor and review our Safer Church strategies to ensure that we are employing an effective and contemporary range of measures to adequately protect people within our church
  • Provide a key point of contact and information in relation to Safer Church matters through the position of Global Safer Church Coordinator

We pray that with the support of God’s wisdom and grace we will continue to be successful in providing a loving and safe environment for all who come into contact with our church.