The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

James 5:16 NLT

Read the wonderful work that God is doing in people’s lives in our church and around the world. If you have a prayer need, allow us to stand with you in prayer and submit a request below. If you have a praise report from answered prayer, please submit below and share your testimony to edify others!

Finally got the job!

Praise God! After a full year of unemployment and countless cover letters and resume iterations, plus 3 months of full time unpaid internship and very close calls which resulted in massive disappointment, God provided the right fit job, company and the salary we wanted and in just the perfect timing. The past year has been an incredibly challenging but growing faith journey which we embraced.

Taking a leap of faith – God was there, and still is!

For many years I’ve dreamed about working for myself. It has been my goal since Uni, but there was always the whole ‘where will the work/money come from’ always looming. Long story short, the workplace I was at told me to either choose to commit to the workplace for the next twelve months or leave. After consulting a pastor at Nations and spending much time in prayer I decided to take the step of Faith and quit my full-time job and start full time freelancing.

It’s now 3 months later and God has certainly met me at this time. I’ve had many opportunities arise, and some of them out of nowhere. And it’s also been the best 3 months of my 2017 & 2018 thus far.

Just goes to show that God is faithful and that as you step out in faith, He will meet you there. I encourage you to take a leap of faith, no matter the area of your life.


Thank you for prayers for my son. I put a prayer request in as he had jaw surgery and was in a lot of pain. His face was very swollen and today it had completely gone down. He was even amazed. Bless you all

Hearing my prayer

I have been worrying and praying about how my fiancé and I will be able to pay for my international uni fees, visa , and living over the next year with my upcoming unpaid pracs, and it seemed as if we weren’t getting anywhere with savings over the past couple months. When we went to the group connect meeting a couple weeks ago, a lady prayed over me and said that I was following my calling and was where I needed to be, and that God knows about our finances and that he has it handled, and ever since that amazing night money has been flowing into our life and seems to stretch further than I could ever imagine. God answers when we most need it, in his time, and we have been truly blessed.

God’s supervision and blessing

Good day
I would like to give God honor and praise for I have been blessed with a new job. The position is a specialist position at a large mining company and the amazing part is that I was not looking for a job. I believe it is something God orchestrated for He is at work and I am blessed to be used by Him. Please pray with me that I will be able to fulfill my role to the glory and honor of God alone.

The LORD ministered to me

I went through a great loss (work of a lifetime literally) but tonight on the last evening of “God is good” equipping class: He ministered to me. I actually wasn’t expecting that but He did His marvellous works for me. He knows what I’m going through. He cares what I went through. He shall repay 7 fold to me what I’ve lost!
I was not sure I was coming for the last week of the study; I had already missed the last three times, but praise unto God that He brought me here tonight and encouraged me with His Word and promise.


I had pain in my knee for 3 weeks that wasn’t getting better, after prayer by the time I got home I felt no pain!


Praise God!  I asked for prayer as my back was in pain and now the pain is gone! Thank you for your prayers.


The Lord has given me certainty in my job,  thank you for the prayer support.


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