At Nations College, we are passionate about seeing you develop your spiritual gifts, grow in your character, and mature in your walk with Jesus so that you can live your best life in Him.

When you put yourself under an intentional and intensive year of discipleship, there is no end to the possibilities of what God can do through you. With an intentional focus on purpose-driven learning, presence-filled encounters and practical ministry experience, Nations College will challenge, encourage, and equip you to live your life for His purpose.

There are three core elements to the Nations College experience:

Purpose Driven Learning

Certificate of Ministry

The Certificate of Ministry includes four units. You will learn about the Old and New Testament Scripture, Pastoral Ministry and Christian Worldview. These units are chosen to help broaden your understanding of God’s Word and its application to your life and purpose.  


Your Life, His Purpose 

A brand new unit designed to equip and activate you across the different spheres of church life and spiritual growth. You can look forward to weekly input from our pastors and guest ministry throughout the year that will prepare you for your future.

Presence Filled Encounters

‘We are about encountering Jesus’ is a culture of Nations Church. At Nations College we intentionally facilitate moments for you to be able to encounter God. It is important that as you pursue His purposes you are partnering with the Holy Spirit to hear from Him and become more like Jesus.

Practical Ministry Experience

Nations College offers an incredible internship opportunity across a wide range of areas. You will be equipped to outwork the planning and execution of church services, community outreaches and other ministry expressions. You will receive one-on-one mentoring and learn to grow in life and leadership.

We also offer midweek placements across various ministries which will provide you with an opportunity to learn, invest and make an impact on a greater level.

Lastly, you will get to apply all you have learnt by partaking in a missions trip to Cambodia, ministering through the Nations Church Phnom Penh campus and blessing the local community and NGO’s that Nations Church partner with. 

Student Testimonies

Kaitlyn Phillips

Nations College was not in my initial plans for 2022. Having just moved to Perth, I had many other priorities that I was seeking to put into place. But little did I know God was setting me up for a year of growth and transformation in my ministry life….I know this is true for me, and this is only the beginning. I challenge you to take this bold step and pursue all things Him. Just one year to let God transform your life and see where He takes you. It’s amazing what God can do with just our obedience and our ‘yes’.

Riley Stolk

This year has truly been a year full of all kinds of emotion, knowledge, and growth.

Being able to live my life for His purpose has allowed me to see a side of God and a side of myself I never would have expected at the beginning of the year. It’s been a year of immense growth in leadership, a year of consistent transformation of who I am and a year of countless opportunities to apply what I’ve learnt.

Will you say yes to discovering His Purposes in 2023?

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