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Part of the Nations Church mandate is ‘Nations Reached’. In 2023 we will be sending out teams to minister in different countries, from Africa to Europe, and down through South-east Asia. We have established relationships in the countries we feel God has an opportunity to for us to see the Lost Found, Disciples Made and Nations Reached.

Come join us on a mission trip where there will be intentional practical and learning experiences that will help you put your faith into action. Each trip is centred around humanitarian work, assisting church plants, training and development of local leaders & pastors. You will get to experience new cultures, meet real needs, and grow as a follower of Jesus. If you’d love to be part of one of these trips to see the Nations Reached, let us know!


Phnom Penh

In 2023 there will be four opportunities to go to Phnom Penh, where you’ll work with our local campus and NGO’s reaching those with real needs through practical and discipleship experiences.

FAMILY TRIP – Applications for April closed.
Either April or July
This mission trip is open to all ages, and we strongly encourage families to join us! It will be a great opportunity as a family to put your faith into action.

Late June / Early July
This trip will be for those part of the prayer & creative team to go and support Nations Conference 2023 in Phnom Penh.

Early August
This team would facilitate practical work with our local campus and partner NGO’s in a provincial area. This team’s focus will be men’s discipleship and completing practical projects that will benefit the poor in the local communities.

Late November
At the end of the school year NYA will take a small group of school leavers to celebrate their end of secondary schooling whilst experiencing the culture, participating in practical projects that help the poor with our local campus and NGO’s. This trip is also designed to facilitate their personal discipleship and help prepare them for the next phase of their life.


Bandung   |    Late February 

Our team will be working alongside a new church plant in the city of Bandung, helping their church with discipleship, leadership training and local outreach.



Maesot   |    Mid March  |  

Kate Green is a Western Australian missionary working with Burmese refugees on the Thai border. She is also very involved in a local Burmese Church in Maesot. The team would be involved working alongside Kate in the local church with refugees, schools, young adults, children, discipleship, relief, church services and local outreach.



Tanzania & Congo   |    Late April – Early May

This team has been invited to come and partner with Tiamoyo and run Leadership Conferences, Bible College training, Church services, local evangelism, agricultural seminars in rural areas and work with local Young Adults and a school. In Congo we have been invited to help with agricultural seminars and work with local churches in leadership training, discipleship and evangelism.


Cork, Ireland & Brno, Czech   |    Late August – Early September

The focus of this team will be to assist with Nations Church Cork as directed by Ps Roland and Leanne and work alongside a new church plant in Czech. This church is seeing rapid growth in the young adult population and have asked for assistance in discipleship, leadership development and teaching / moving in the prophetic. They are wanting to build ongoing relationship.


Bangladesh & Nepal – Applications Close March 25

Mid October

Nations Church has been invited to Partner with a Church and Church Planting Movement in Bangladesh. This will involve Pastors training Conference, working with Rohingya refugee girls and children rescued from the sex trade. In Nepal we have been invited to do a Pastors Conference and work with local churches.

Part of the Nations Church mandate is ‘Nations Reached’. In 2023 we will be sending out teams to minister in different countries around the world, from Africa to Europe, and down through South-east Asia. If you have a heart for missions, seeing the Lost Found & Disciples Made as we reach the nations check out the following trips we have planned.

Please note that these dates are subject to change.