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Below are the organisations that Nations Church currently partners with.


Alta-1 delivers an alternative education program that offers support and training to young people who are at risk of not making a successful transition through high school. Alta-1 uses Nations Church facilities in our Belmont and Port Kennedy locations. Nations Church has ongoing interaction with Alta-1 staff and students throughout the year and supports the annual camp, both organisationally and financially.

ACCI is the missions arm of Australia Christian Churches. Nations Church supports church planting and workers in developing nations through ACCI. In addition, some Nations Church overseas trips are done in partnership with ACCI.


Nations Church partners with Brave Ministries to alleviate the suffering of destitute people in Cambodia by offering hope, love and courage. Brave provides practical solutions, such as basic survival needs, health care, education, and job creation. Our missions teams have been able to provide pastoral care to people living in tough situations, preach the Gospel in prisons and meet the practical needs of those who are suffering.


Iris Ministries fight to end human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse by transforming communities through love, relationship, and support.


Nations Church sponsors three ‘Life Centres’ through our ongoing partnership with Transform Cambodia. These three centres are in some of the poorest districts in Phnom Penh, enrolling up to 300 children with 18 staff. Children are provided with education, leadership, life skills, health, welfare and creative arts.

Tanzania & Congo

Tiamoyo’s mission is to empower local leaders and farmers in communities in Tanzania, in order to break poverty and extend God’s kingdom through church planting and economic development. Nations Church conducts conferences with Tiamoyo for local Pastors, church planters, community leaders and local farmers.

Talitha Koumi in Bangladesh, is a faith based organisation with extensive community programs as well as training and development for local church planters. Talitha Koumi has a home for refugee girls, free medical services for women and children, microfinance opportunities and employment for up to one thousand community members. Nations Church assists in running training conferences for Pastors and provides ministry to people in some of their community programs.

Nations Church is home to a community of chaplains serving our local schools.

We partner with chaplains to provide support, educational days and practical help within their schools.

Sports Chaplaincy Australia seeks to enrich the lives of all people involved in sport throughout Australia by demonstrating Christ’s love and hope to them. They achieve this by training dedicated men and women to provide pastoral care to high performance and local sports communities. This is an incredible opportunity to bless the needs expressed by our community.